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Mark Granfar Mark Granfar
General Manager

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Trevor Brien Trevor Brien
Business Development
OEM & Canadian Accounts

Tel: (250) 743.1222
Cell: (250) 216.6122
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Carlos Paniagua Carlos Paniagua
International Sales Director

Tel: (250) 743.1222
Cell: (250) 885.5535
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Scott Werhun Scott Werhun
Business Development Manager USA

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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David Bruning David Bruning
Information Technology Manager

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Sherry McNeil Sherry McNeil
Inside Sales Representative

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Sherri Drouillard Sherri Drouillard
Sales Assistant

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Joel Caney Joel Caney
Sales and Marketing

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Aiko Nafissah Aiko Nafissah

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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Chris Kruger Chris Kruger
Graphics & Video Production

Tel: (250) 743.1222
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