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Promolux Lighting for increased sales through better product presentationPromolux Lighting International

Many companies and individuals invest in Promolux lamps because they see a value in using a specialty lamp in their application. For many, Promolux has helped them to resolve a problem, overcome a challenge, or helped support them in their sales efforts.

Most common challenges that retailers face are significantly improved upon by simply switching to Promolux lamps.

  • Department managers install Promolux lamps in their cases to protect the freshness and appearance of their merchandise.
  • Meat packing facilities use Promolux in their grading rooms to inspect the meat and grade it correctly, so as to get the most value out of every cut of meat.
  • For a variety of stores Promolux is a successful tool used to distinguish themselves from their competitors.
  • Lighting specialists recommend Promolux as a specialty lamp to their customers because they provide the best color definition, are available in many sizes and wattages and last for years.

For more information on Promolux balanced spectrum, low radiation lamps and how they are used to successfully merchandise a multitude of items please visit the product website:

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Safe Spectrum - the technology behind Promolux

Safe Spectrum is a unique technology used in the engineering of Promolux lamps. It reduces the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths in Promolux lamps which ensures they help to:

  • Prevent discoloration,
  • Prevent bacteria & pathogen growth, and
  • Protect the nutritional quality and appearance of many products.

Safe Spectrum Technology is just one of the many characteristics that make Promolux lamps so effective and successful as a specialty lamp. Those individuals that have installed Promolux lamps are confident that their product is maintaining its freshness, moisture and customer appeal.

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Save money with Econofrost heat reflective night shieldsEconofrost Night Covers

Within the food retail industry there is a growing demand for energy efficient products and tools. Retailers and organizations who want to conserve energy, lower their operating costs, and participate in local rebate programs purchase Econofrost night covers because it allows them to do just that.

Econofrost is a heat reflective woven aluminum night covers that is easily installed as a retrofit application on a variety of open refrigerated cases.

Energy consultants recommend Econofrost to their clients because:

  • it is effective in significantly reducing energy consumption,
  • it supports a more efficient operation of their refrigeration system and,
  • it qualifies for rebates through many utility providers.

Many store owners and electrical engineers install Econofrost on their cases for a variety of unique reasons:

  • For many Econofrost supports their efforts in conserving energy, cutting operating expenses and lowering their utility bills.
  • For others Econofrost is part of their shrink management program and helps to reduce the volume of product shrink and discard in their daily operations.
  • For some retailers Econofrost helps them to communicate their message of actively making a difference in today's world.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) spec Econofrost into their cases because it is another component that contributes to conserving energy and further supports the efforts of their customers in choosing "greener" equipment.

To learn more about the benefits and features of Econofrost night covers and how it can help generate additional savings visit the Econofrost product website:

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